Sizzling it up…

Here are a few selects from the past.

The great thing about sizzle reels is that you get the chance to create a show that doesn’t exist. You have 90-120 seconds to take a bundle of footage, elements from the internet, and music from wherever you can find it to sell a concept. I’ve worked on everything in the past 5 years, from projects with 50+ hours of demo footage, to nothing more than a Voice Over script and Youtube. Unfortunately, most of the good ones can’t be shown yet, until the idea is picked up or passed over for the last time. But here are a few blasts from the past that I can show. For a more up to date example, email me direct.

River Masters was the result of taking a master interview and a day’s worth of footage (2 cameras, go pro and drone) adding some epic music and selling the excitement of white water river rafting as a reality documentary series.

This was an early version of a sizzle that ended up being Chuck and Danny’s Road Trip.┬áStarting with some RV footage from GoRV, I cobbled the rest together with a selection of clips collected from the internet, including a Lululemon ad.

A montage of food porn that still makes me hungry every time I watch it. All footage was sourced from the internet, which is becoming the most common way to grab great stock footage for these sizzles.


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